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    1. Rosters determined by draft.
    2. Each team will be headed by an "A" player that will be lead picker for the roster.
    3. Once the roster is selected, a captain will be chosen by each team.
    4. "A" player does not have to be captain.

    1. 7 or 6 man roster, 4 man match set-up.
    2. In the event a team can only field 3 players, forfeit rule will apply. See below.
    3. If present a player must play a minimum of 3 matches. 6-players (4,3,3,3,3,3), 5-players (4,4,4,4,3), 4-players (5,5,5,4), 3-players (all play 5, 1 in each section)
    4. No player can play in more than once in each match type. Cricket, 501, singles or doubles.
    5. Dart Connect will be used for all matches. The $5 sign-up fee covers players for the entire season of DC.
    6. Matches will be arranged by players DC 3da in 01 and cricket.
    7. Captains will be responsible for filling out match sheet, and confirming player rankings.
    8. Home team calls coin toss to start each match.

    1. All teams make playoffs.
    2. In the event of matching leg wins, head to head match wins will determine playoff rank. Then overall league match wins.
    3. Playoffs will follow same format as weekly matches. Playoff matches end as soon as 1 team wins the night.

    1. All players will pay $5.00 on each night they play.
    2. All players, upon paying, will receive a marker entitling them to a free beverage, equal to the value, of their first purchased beverage. This is a sponsorship from the club for playing in the league.
    3. All dues collected will be returned to the league members, via banquet, trophies, etc. after league expenses.

Non-Dart related rules:
    1. Fighting and yelling will not be tolerated.
    2. Any league or match issue, should be brought to the attention of the league head or a board member immediately.
    3. Outside liquor is an instant termination.
    4. Always show opponent respect and good sportsmanship.
    5. This is a development style league. We encourage player assistance from either side during games.

Forfeit Rule:
  • In the event a team only has 3 players the forfeited matches will be as follows.
  • The #1 slot in 501 singles.
  • The #3 slot in Cricket singles
  • The #2 slot in Cricket doubles
  • The #4 slot in 501 doubles.
  • This is done to avoid one player being forfeited in all their matches for the evening.

Covid-19 Rules: (NOT in place at the moment)
  • Masks must be worn when traveling from room to room. Bar,restroom,leaving, etc.
  • A food item must have been purchased at some point in the evening to consume alcohol.
  • Hall cannot excede 50% occupancy.
  • Orders must be placed with the waitress, and not directly at the bar.



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